The Kenney Company Services

The Kenney Company provides professional real estate services to public and private enterprises.

The firm specializes in major retail properties throughout the Western United States.

The Kenney Company is adept at development, redevelopment, entitlement, leasing and marketing of shopping center properties. It offers a wealth of knowledge, field experience and personal contacts.

Whether representing a developer, retailer or public agency, The Kenney Company focuses on identifying the particular needs and desires of the client, and satisfying those needs and desires in a prompt and economic manner.

The Kenney Company strives for practical solutions to each assignment. The firm believes that urban development can and should be a win-win enterprise.

Through training, experience and persistence, The Kenney Company has fostered this philosophy to produce a record of successful solutions for its clients; and, the firm has become highly regarded for its ability to produce mutually acceptable solutions. As a result, many of the firm’s clients are confidential referrals from its other clients and its competitors.

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